Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Garden State

Probably my all time favorite movie.
Its so amazing...i just watched it twice in a row :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


How can you be so discontent with who you are, when who you are is all i want?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas.

I volunteer serving lunch to homeless and disadvantaged people.
Maybe we should try giving to someone who actually needs it for a change.
It doesn't take much to give something to someone who has nothing. Just your company, kind wishes and the ability to make them feel valued. No one should have to be alone on Christmas.

But you've got tradition to live up to and keep going?
Fuck that! We made it our tradition.

Christmas is about giving, and in my mind, gifts don't come in the form of a present. The feeling of compassion and knowing you've actually made someones day will always be 1000000 times better than getting some shiny new toy wrapped in colorful paper.

Materialism and consumerism, open your eyes. This isn't what this season should be.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Intensity in ten cities.

I've loved Chiodos for so long! Haha I don't think i'll ever get over them. Craig Owens is such a babe.

I'm not the one that you want, I'll always let you down.
And I'm pretty sure that you've caught on.
And you can say that 'Oh, I'm just feeling sorry for myself'

If that's how you feel, then what's there to do?
I'll keep this feeling in my heart
but when you look in my eyes, you will know the truth.

I went for a walk

to collect my thoughts and I came across this place, where the sun seemed almost horizontal to the water and turned the lake red with reflection.
Everything was beautiful.
But all i felt was ugly.


Paul Higgins from Studio 52 asked Juliet and I to be a part of his 'new project'.
We'd be professionally recorded and put on a cd that goes out to all the top producers in Australia, they'd make us a music video and we'd be on a documentary about the program on the abc.
Gahh sounds fucking amazing. So honored just to be asked to do it!
I've never valued materialism, but sometimes it would be nice to have the money :(

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm probably biased...

Because she's my sister
But i watched Juliet sing at Albury Carols by Candlelight tonight and it was fucking amazing!
Definitely the best i've ever heard her and she's got heaps of throat problems! haha
Mum was having a little teary because Juliet dedicated her a song and ahh it was just so good :)
I did Juliet's hair and she looked babe as! haha I do hate her a lot of the time but the truth is, tonight, i was incredibly proud...
One day she'll do something amazing.

Hmm but tonight did provoke a lot of thought about the lack of fatherly influence in our lives and how much he is really missing out on. I really don't understand him sometimes.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm missing a lot of things.
I don't feel like me at the moment...
I keep trying to convince myself of theories of why i feel like this
and ways to get out of this exhausting mindset.
But in reality i know there's only one thing that can do it..
and i don't see it on any of my horizons any time soon.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Veganism recognizes no expendable or superfluous species that humans are free to hurt or destroy. Species of life-forms need not justify their existence, nor plead for protection from extinction on the grounds of their potential usefulness as food or medicine for humans.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I've been in Melbourne since Monday and it's actually been so fun.
My sister is definitely one of the best people in the world haha
I spent four days pretty much just chilling with Milli and her babe as, lesbian friends (one is actually an ex-vogue model) hahaha
And they're the best people.
Played at a gay night at The Noise Bar on Wednesday night and a primary school today... definitely our strangest gigs yet but so funny!

Hmm but the highlight of my trip was when i noticed on the tram to Milli's that across from the Melbourne Cemetery there's a sign that says 'Melbourne, the world's most livable city' hahaha
I actually laughed out loud at the irony of this..and got a lot of strange looks from tram people. But it did make my day :)
Ahh i can't wait to move there..only one more year!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Starting January, i'm buying ten shots of film for my polaroid each month.
So by the end of next year i'll have 120 amazing photos for an album :)
Can't wait
But it's so fucking expensive! haha
I'm going to Melbourne again tomorrow morning
Can't wait! I love early morning and late night bus/train rides :)
Melbourne is the best place, always makes me feel so much better about everything.

I can hear my train comin'
It's a lonesome and distant cry
I can hear my train comin'
Now I'm runnin' for my life
What makes a man walk away from his mind?
I think I know
I think I might know

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I love this girl more than anything. She's the best person you will ever meet, just beautiful in every way possible! Thought she deserved a mention :)...even though we're incredibly bad at taking photos together.