Saturday, January 9, 2010

My next adventure.

I'm leaving for Melbourne tomorrow at about 4am.
Monday and Tuesday will be spent recording at Studio 52 with Empire Records. We've got 20 hours recording time for one song! So it'll be pretty crazy.
Then Wednesday we're doing a music video for the song, probably on the beach and Thursday a photo shoot and just finishing everything off. Then straight home to work at 5.30.
This will all be so amazing so it confuses me as to why i'm not even excited! Haha
After i get home Thursday i'm going to Merimbula for a week. This will only be good for my chill time with Milli.
Everything is falling my way lately, things are looking up and i'm feeling good.
I just sometimes wish i wasn't so numb to things.
Text me while i'm away! I'm missing everyone.

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