Friday, April 9, 2010


My family all went camping for Easter.. I have an amazingly crazy family.
Really, you don't see the extent of this craziness until they all get together.
So me, the recluse i am, trying to escape from this seemingly hereditary mental illness, decided to sleep in the car instead of in the tents with everyone else...Ahh i'm a terrible person haha
But seriously i needed to get away.
Was the worst night ever for actual sleeping but was so nice to just lay there and think for a while.
The moon was so bright that it was near impossible to get even a couple of hours in. And as soon as the moon went down the sun decided to shine directly through the window to where i had my head! At like 4 o clock in the morning this first pissed me off quite a bit as it was really the only sleep i'd gotten all night.
But laying there watching the sunrise really was one of the most beautiful things. I don't care what you say, a sunset will never beat the beauty of a sunrise. Partly due to the effort you have to go in to watch it rise. But mm that morning really made my Easter :)
A huge post with no point.. exactly what i needed after this posting drought.

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