Sunday, July 12, 2009

I was having a big think...

About the way our society views different people.
I saw a disabled couple down the street the other day and the glances they got were some of the worst i've seen ever. It seemed stupid that some people seem to think they cant love like we do, just because of some kind of disability.
I decided to write some stuff down. Just some thoughts...maybe a song later

The wisest of minds trapped in a body without the ability to create the things he feels.
Lost potential due to a lost society
Our views are his downfall
The art of love is the ability to look past what the rest of the world sees.
See not faces, but minds.

It annoys me that people that have such potential to be great, will never be because of some physical disadvantage. And some able-bodied people just constantly run their mouths with total shit because they can.

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Sleepless Nights said...

You amaze me.

You have a way with words, you're lyrics and thoughts written down are so incredible!