Sunday, September 20, 2009

I read the most interesting thing today

It was about a thing they called the Nocebo effect.
This is like the opposite to the placebo effect.
When someone tells you something that is untrue, but because you believe it, your body reacts to it.
It really proved to me that everything is mind over matter. With good thoughts and a clear mind, i can do whatever i want.
It went back to the early 1900's first when a man was apparently 'cursed' by a witch doctor. He got deathly ill and was bed bound for months having terrible pain and really high temperatures. Everyone thought he was going to die. Then this doctor came along to try to help him, he didnt believe in the curse so he told the guy that he had apparently found the witch doctor and made him tell him the cure for the curse.
He then told the man that the witch had put lizards inside of him and they were mostly gone but one was left, which was making him sick but he could easily remove it with surgery.
So the doctor did a pretend surgery on him and pulled a lizard out of his sleeve and showed the sick man. And said that he was cured. The man made a full recovery.
I thought this was amazing already but mm being in the early 1900's i was like mmm...probs a lie..then i read this other one.
It was only a few years ago, a man was diagnosed with cancer. He was given a few months to live and died within that time. But then when they were doing the autopsy they found hed been diagnosed incorrectly and he only had a small tumor that couldnt have killed him in any way and there was nothing else wrong with him. So he died of cancer that he didnt actually have....crazy
Really made me think about the way people think of themselves and how it affects them. You're own mind really is the most powerful tool you have.
Just thought i'd share.

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juddLOCKS said...

I've always believed this.
But its hard to "trick" yourself a cure.
You need someone else to help.