Wednesday, September 9, 2009


People need to get some fucking self respect.

u gona get ur kit off gracey lmaoo
u heard
im not taking my clothes off for you.
joken n. e ways love u aint worth my time
if im not getting naked im not worth your time?
yea u got that right
Fuck up
sleazy arsehole
go get some fucking respect
got loads love
bbut not for stuck up sluts like u
ama fuck up u tha one who looks like u had a face lift
im a slut because i wont take my clothes off?
na that aint whata said u simple minded mare. u look like a slut but yu not u are actually stuck up ta fuck
i look like a slut? have you ever seen me?
i call it self respect.
i seen ur picture u mug sluty of me
are u fucken blind a sumet a even said u aint a slut a can tell by tha way u talk . all i said is that u look like a slut on ya pic so sort ya shit out
how is that sluty in the slightest?
r.u mad
i said u looked slutty
but u aint u talk to snobby and act to stuck up to be a slutt
how is it being stuck up saying that i dont want to get nude?
i dont talk snobby...i talk english instead of dero.
shape the fuck up and get some respect you disgust me.

and i blocked him...ahhh humans never cease to amaze me.


Alex said...

Haha its even funnier because in about two days im going to crush him....
i love you,
no one insults you!
your perfect.
i love you

Anonymous said...

If he were in this country. I would join Alex in making his life an absolute hell. No fucking person should ever talk to you like that. It's people like him that are waste of fucking life. Your amazing. Always stay true. I know you will.

Sleepless Nights said...

I will crush this kid!

love you xx