Saturday, August 29, 2009

My dad called today

Every conversation we've had for about a year has been exactly the same.
He calls after a few months of not talking.
He asks if i have a boyfriend.
I say I'm a lesbian
Then there's a pause and he awkwardly laughs, not knowing whether or not I'm joking.
I don't say anything.
He then goes on to ask me whats my mobile number because he's been trying and trying to contact me.
I say I've had the same phone for a year..I'm surprised you still don''t know it after the amount of times I've given it to you. Then ask why he doesn't just try the home phone.
He laughs and asks whats been happening.
I say not much you?
He says not much
and we both make up an excuse to leave.
After any conversation i get this really weird feeling.
Its almost like the feeling you get when someone close to you dies.

1 comment:

Alex said...

your dad is a sack of shit.
i love you.
next time can you say im your girl friend andthats why i came to the wedding?
say we kised in front of him hahahha