Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saying goodbye...

Goodbyes are the worst..even worse when you know its for forever.
I already miss my Reggie :(
Having a best friend for 7 years then knowing their fate, in the end, was in you're hands is the worst feeling you can ever have.
I got to call the shots, a life of pain or death.
How can life mean so much when it can be ended so quickly?

Without words, without any major action, in the end just creating some kind of annoyance
and somehow this dog made me happier than anyone else can.
I don't want to sleep alone
I realise it was his time but i love him and i miss cuddling him to sleep.


Alex said...

i love you grace.
pookie was beautiful
itll be alright

Sleepless Nights said...

i love you.